The publication was developed to promote and publicise the valuable work that Southside Partnership DLR (SSP) to both existing users of the organisation and to potential users. It also served as a showcase of work for SSP to other organisations and to potential partners, civic/governmental authorities as well as the local communities in which they are based.
Having originally being intended as a printed booklet to promote the services of the SSP, it evolved into an online presentation, with additional downloadable content, both for digital and print. There is still a printed booklet that will be printed as this project is officially launched.
With no initial layouts or styles considered for the publication, it was decided upon to take references from the SSP website, to integrate the publication into the overall branding of SSP and give a cohesive appearance in the messaging. Colours and fonts were carried over from the website, which was later updated, as did the publication assets, so any messaging within would be easily identifiable when any follow up was done by the user to the website. These elements would also be used in any promotional assets in any campaigns on social channels. Launching May 2021.
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