Workbook/Handbook design.
The formatting, design, and layout of workshop information packs that would be used by providers and users who are recently arrived in Ireland and whose grasp of English may not be good. Whilst the content was to be in English, I also added the ideas of 'icons', 'task boxes', and the colouring of certain elements that are linked or may be associated with each other. This way whilst the English improves they can associate certain parts with the icons as explained in the images below and would be easier to understand and communicate between languages. The 'task boxes' are also a visual cue for the user to be aware that there is a task to be done or something that should be noted, again the visuals will emphasise this. The colouring of the different elements will also add to this differentiation. With colouring in mind, it was also taken into account that these may be reproduced without the option of colours being used so it has been designed that when it is printed/displayed in black/white or grayscale the icons and the colours will display correctly. 
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